INTR 225(F) Natural History of the Berkshires (Same as Biology 225 and Environmental Studies 225)

This field-lecture course examines the rich diversity of upland and wetland communities within a 20-mile radius of the Williams College campus. Lectures focus on the biological, geological, climatological, and historical underpinnings needed to observe, interpret, and analyze the biological communities in the region. The Field/lab sections will engage students in reading the landscape, field identification of indicator species, natural history, and using historical documents and materials ranging from photographic images, tax data, newspaper articles, and other resources. Students will undertake a series of field projects such as using historical materials to interpret changes in the landscape and creating interpretive guides for specific sites. Format: lecture/laboratory, six hours per week. Evaluation will be based on field quizzes, project reports, hour exams, and a final exam. No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 18 (expected: 18). Satisfies distribution requirement in Biology major. Satisfies natural world requirement for Environmental concentrators. Satisfies one semester of the Division III requirement.

Lecture: MWF (2 out of 3) 08:30-09:45 AM
Lab: T 01:00-04:00 PM

Instructor: Henry W. ART

This course will enter class assignments through BlackBoard


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