About PC Pod
PC POD is an add-on that allows CONTENTdm to be used as a podcasting source.

Leveraging CONTENTdm's ability to store, query and deliver diverse media types, PC POD provides an easy-to-use RSS feed, a feed generator wizard in the style of CQR, and maintenance and stats tools.

A traditional, web-based CONTENTdm collection consists of digital objects in a collection, and a web-based interface that relies on URL variables to search for and retrieve the objects, which are then displayed in a web browser. PC POD works within that same framework: Objects are added to collections in the regular way, and a wizard similar to the "custom queries" tool guides an administrator through the set up of a podcast. The podcast itself is an RSS 2 standards-compliant feed, generated by CONTENTdm as a query on the fly. The end-user can subscribe to and receive the podcast using any standards-based podcatching tool, such as iTunes or Juice.

Using PC POD as an institutional podcasting tool allows you to:
  • Podcast audio, video, PDF's and still images, within the limits of the podcatching tool used.
  • Podcast and archive objects at the same time. For example, you can add video of a sporting event to your institutional repository and podcast it to alumni at the same time.
  • Allow users of your collections to build and receive their own, personalized podcasts. Once subscribed, users will automatically see newly added objects, specific to their interests.
  • Use your existing CONTENTdm repository as a podcasting tool, thereby adding a robust and reliable podcasting tool while minimizing the need for new equipment, additional maintenance and difficult installations.
  • Distribute the maintenance of podcasts to their owners, using the familiar CONTENTdm cataloging tools.

PC POD requires:
  • CONTENTdm 4.0 or better on the server. So far, PC POD has been tested on 4.0 Windows only. (If you install PC POD on a newer version or on UNIX, please let me know how it does.)
  • Windows or UNIX (tested on Windows)
  • Juice, any standards-based podcatching tool, or iTunes on the users' workstations. Tested on iTunes and Juice. Juice can receive and play any file type. iTunes can only handle audio and video files (mp3, mov, mp4)
  • An administrator with the ability to edit a PHP text file, for installation.